Esports Report for Good Game: Battle Arena Melbourne 2014


This report covered the event I help run for CouchWarriors, Battle Arena Melbourne. It was a big success, with higher prereg and the biggest attendance of all fighting game events for the last two years. The full text of the report is below.

Good Game aired the report on May 27th, and you can view the News Segment featuring the report Here

The Report

One of the largest national Fighting game events, Battle Arena Melbourne, saw hundreds of players converge to compete in more than 10 games for the iconic BAM boxing glove trophy and over 10,000 in cash and prizes.

As the first Australian event in the Capcom Pro Tour, competition was fierce, but community minded organisers Couchwarriors also catered for new players with a Free to enter New Challengers tournament. Pleasing the crowd with impressive skills, the final between Anzel and Shoki saw Anzel walking away with his very own BAM exclusive arcade stick. It featured art by special guest, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz of Udon comics fame. (Official Street Fighter comic artist.)

Another special guest was Mick Gordon, sound designer and composer oF Killer Instinct. He shared insights on the game’s development, and even stuck around to play casuals with the players. In an amazing final, the KI winner was Darth Wishh in his very first tournament.

Among the other winners, we saw Sydney’s Myke reclaim the Virtua Fighter throne from two time winner AlexMD, while Tones went back to back in Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate, Melbourne mainstay Rame took out Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a close Adelaide-Sydney Final saw n-megabytes dominate Injustice and in an amazing skills showcase, Brisbane’s Baxter took first place in both King oF Fighters 13 AND Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

There was a huge crowd For Smash Bros across Brawl, Melee and the custom Project M. The amazing growth in the Smash community saw over 70 people compete just in Melee singles with Dekar walking out the champion.

Finally, vying for a trip to Singapore to compete in the South East Asia Majors, the final oF the 80-player Street Fighter 4 event was SL|Sol over DB|Toxy, who had won the 3rd strike tournament earlier. His beast mode Akuma wasn’t enough to overcome Sol’s Cammy to take out the top prize at the 6th Annual event.

URL/Suggested starting timecode for capture

* New Challengers final

* Killer Instinct Final

Tekken Tag 2 Final

Injustice Final

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Final
Winner’s favourite moment @ 54:15 (crushing a wakeup kick to turn the momentum)

* VF5FS Final

KOF13 Final

3rd Strike Final
4:24 (good comeback/combo)
* Marvel final

* SF4 Final
12min30sec mark

Jeffrey Chamba Cruz’ artwork used on the New Challengers Arcade Stick

Selected Additional Media

Full results post

New Game Plus also produced a half hour special with guest interviews, cosplay and included a lot of match footage: BAM6 News Report:

(great crowd reaction footage and images of the New Challengers winner)

Fourth Player Podcast from BAM6

Mick Gordon Ask me Anything Pt 2


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