Esports Report for Good Game #4: ACLPro Sydney 2013

SC2 Winner King Kong

King Kong SC2 Winner at ACLpro Sydney 2013

It was great to be able to follow up my first report to Good Game, which was on the Australian Cyber League‘s Melbourne event, with the Sydney final, which took place on the 19th-20th of October. It was the final event in the ACLPro circuit for 2013. See more images at the ACL Facebook

I was pretty pleased with the copy, covering only three games gave me a bit more room in the minute approx of airtime to put across a bit more personality, a good fit for the GG tone and which played well in the news item. No long form this time, got a pretty good handle of what they were after and short form was all I needed for this one.

You can view the Good Game video here.  Below is my original report. As always, if there are any events of note that should be considered for coverage, let me know!

The Report:

The final event of the year for the Australian Cyber League Pro circuit was held in Sydney with a mixed open entry and invitational tournament for Call of Duty Black Ops, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends.
Players qualified through performances in season play and yearly points to earn the right to play off for the title of 2013 champion.

League of Legends saw ACL Melbourne’s finalists facing off once again as the new blood in Team NV, formerly Wobbly Bears, battled Team Immunity. Immunity came back after a losing the first game – an epic 50 minute grind – before closing out the championship 2-1.

Match finish 1:27
Presentation 1:32
Call of Duty Black Ops Grand final battle between team TRIDENT and IMMUNITY was extremely tight with regular lead changes and a clutch killstreak from Immunity’s Naked held off the challengers.

Match concludes 1:04, presentations begin 1:10
57min Match turnaround; Around 1:01-04 final lead change and finish
Note-  3rd place : Team NV

Starcraft 2 
In a field full of strong players and upsets, the grand final matchup was between PIG, who knocked out the likes of Moonglade, and KingKong, a Korean student who convincingly schooled the competition in the way of the Zergling. A humble winner, he’ll spend his prize winnings on a car to get himself to uni.

Match ends 41min
Good hinge moment in game 37:30


General Questions:
What is the overall prize pool?

League of Legends – $12,000 1st Place – $6,000.00 2nd Place – $3,000.00 3rd Place – $1,850.00 4th Place – $1,125.00
CoD: Black Ops 2 – $3,800 1st Place – $2,000.00 2nd Place – $1,000.00 3rd Place – $500.00 4th Place – $300.00
Starcraft 2 – $2,500 1st Place – $1,075.00 2nd Place – $550.00 3rd Place – $325.00 4th Place – $200.00 5th Place – $125.00 6th Place – $100.00 7th Place – $75.00 8th Place – $50.00

Sydney finals – what events and competitions have led to this? How did players qualify?

ACL runs on a points based system – a mixture of online qualifiers and previous major  events (Brisbane and Melbourne)
Players that have accrued enough points play off at the Sydney national championship finals


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