Esports Event Report: Shadowloo Showdown 2013

Tokido, SSF4 SS13 Winner

Tokido, SSF4 SS13 Winner.
Photo credit: Shadowlogic

My latest esports news report for Good Game (see more about my reporting for GG here) finally allows me to report on my favourite scene, fighting games.  Shadowloo Showdown (12-13 Oct 2013) is a great event, the second Melbourne major (see BAM) and one that the Shadowlogic team have worked hard to build as an international event.  While BAM (Battle Arena Melbourne) and OHN (Ozhadou Nationals – Sydney) are majors that focus on Australian champions and interstate rivalries, SS centres on inviting players from overseas.

It’s a great way to expose local players to high level play – bring the internationals here.  The latest SS took place in a beautiful new venue at the Flemington Racecourse.  The lineup of guests was more modest than last year, but I expect that’s a positive to keep things more manageable.  Being an organiser in the scene, I applaud this, and think that’s definitely a positive for the SS team.

My report is below.  The Good Game version aired tonight (22/10) at 8:30pm on ABC2 – watch it here  (Note, The GG version of the report made a mistake in the Virtua Fighter segment, confusing the historical information about AlexMD’s win at BAM earlier this year and naming Myke as his SS opponent. Myke was not at SS, it was Gab who came second, as listed below)

Due to the number of games to cover, there wasn’t as much flourish in the copy this time around. A lot to get through!  Results and links to the stream archives all included.

General copy:

The fourth annual Shadowloo Showdown, one of 4 major fighting game events this year, hit Melbourne with fierce competition by both interstate and notable international players.


Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Won by AlexMD
2nd Gab
3rd CM

With Super solid play, AlexMD followed up his breakaway win at Battle Arena Melbourne in May over world class rival Iron Myke, dominated this event, winning undefeated with the flashy Jacky

Final set 7:22
Final round 9:19

Injustice: Gods Amongs Us

Won by Falco (Adelaide) with Superman. A 2D prodigy who also placed top 8 in KOF13
End of match 4:12:17 (roll back a bit)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Winner JDCR from Korea
2nd Luper Sydney
3rd Marimo Bris

Korea’s JDCR was dominant, beating 2nd place Luper 9-0 (3 matches at 3-0)
JDCR was always ahead, with the best defense in the world – capitalizes on all opponent mistakes using perfect reactions.

Timecode 1:43:43  – 1:44:23

Super Smash Bros

Local team Dekar and Redact took out Melee, while in Brawl, Canadian entry Tinman, used an unusual character Olimar, cleverly outplaying and overwhelming opponents in a barrage of attacks.

Timecode 48min (Shows Olimar doing his thing)
52 min end of final match

King of Fighters 13 (KOF13)

1st Xian (SG)
2nd Tokido (JP)
3rd Luffy (FR) (pronounced Louffy)
The last Aussies were knocked out in the early part of the top 8 Falco and Colonov as a stacked international bracket that saw top players Xian (Singapore) and Tokido (Japan) fight it out, This years Evo Street Fighter champ Xian took the crown.

Timecode 3:03 Final match

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (UMVC3 or just “Marvel”)

Abegen (Japan) was a crowd favorite fighting through losers bracket with an unusual team of Tron, Thor and an incredible She-Hulk with heartstopping, crowd pleasing solo comebacks, but it wasn’t enough as Xian took out his second tournament win.

3:17 start of Marvel
5:04:15 final match

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 (SSF4AE or simply Street Fighter 4)

In the Grand Final Gamerbee, famously an Adon player, ran with Yun as his counter to Tokido’s Akuma which proved its value as a hard fought battle saw him win the first match and reset the bracket.
Yet the charismatic Tokido adjusted to impose a convincing win in the last set to finally win Shadowloo Showdown after four years of visits to Australian shores.

1 Tokido JP
2 Gamerbee TW
3 Uryo JP


00 Starts with Gamerbee vs Uryo
18 min 20 Gamerbee resets bracket (crowd response in shot)
18:44 Final set begins
24:00 final match of set
26 min Tokido congratulated by crowd
33min Winners presentations (Tokido with Sword)

Earlier: Luffy defeating top Japanese player Mago, then elimination by Uryo.

Bonus: Cosplay competition 5:18


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