Esports Event Report: CGPL Winter Call of Duty Championships

For my second eSports report for Good Game, I had the opportunity to report on the live LAN finals for one of the CyberGamer Professional League seasons, this time for Call of Duty on PC.

CyberGamer are far and away the leader in online ladder and league sites in Australian gaming, so it was great that they had a LAN finals, and to have a chance to highlight one of their events.

The staff and particularly key organiser Richard Lawes were fantastic in helping provide information, background on players and the league (the Q&A answers for my backgrounding questions, below, came from Richard), not to mention excellent quality footage from their event.  Below is a version of the copy I wrote for the Good Game episode that aired on 10 September 2013.

You can view the segment here

Read on for my full notes and original copy

Event Notes


CGPL Winter Call of Duty Championships

First LAN/live gathering for the PC COD community in 6 months.

How many Cybergamer LAN events now?

8th lan event

Follow up event?

League of legends championship November 23

Organiser highlight?

Seeing new faces qualifying for the championships

Final and semi final scores

2-1 each

Prize support?

Total pool $7000

Live event $5500 – 1st $4000 2nd $1500

Lower divisions $1500 online finals

After fighting through a seven week online league with 40 teams competing, Australia’s Top 8 Call of Duty 4 PC teams qualified for the LAN final in the Cyber Gamer Professional League Winter COD Championships.  The community came together for an engaging event highlighted by many new faces competing.

A full weekend of gruelling Call of Duty, playing Search and Destroy in First to Fifteen, Best 2 of 3 bouts led to a climactic tussle between old rivals Frenetic Array and Team Exile5.

Each survived close semi final matches. Event favourites Frenetic array, have won two of last three national championships. They saw off semifinal challengers Coup de Gras to set their sights on Exile5, who had just staged a disciplined semifinal comeback from 15-10 down to defeat Avant Garde, a newer team pulled together from top players.

With the lion’s share of a $7,000 prize pool on the line, Frenetic Array, confident after defeating Exile5 in last year’s final, overcame Exile5’s defensive and strategic play with aggressive pushes relying on skilful individual shots to take down the Championship 2-1.

General Notes


Exile5 against Frenetic Array

Long rivalry between the two teams

Exile 5 style?

Team Captain SpachalaExile 5:

Defensive style – aggressive at the right moments. Play defensive when at advantage. Discipline.

10-15 down in semi and came back round by round. Able to adapt at the right time and

Frenetic array style?

Team Captain Josh –

Aggressive, confident

Strong on individual skill and good tactical teamwork to make up for a lower emphasis on overall strategy

4 Perth 1 Melbourne

Proactive they were reactive managed to push ahead and stay ahead. Finding the opponent and making the kills by individually outplaying opponents

Good affirmation of the newly formed lineup within the team this year

LAN builds intensity and stay hungry playing online

Final score 2-1


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