Esports reporting for Good Game

Good Game is Australia’s longest running dedicated video game show, and the only one that runs on a national free to air network.  Deservedly, it’s becoming an institution much like “At The Movies” is for film reviews.  GG is definitely review focused, but it’s long had a good news and features element, and always delivers with a good sense of humour and fun.

From time to time GG has covered competitive gaming events or eSports, but hasn’t found a way to do so consistently.  Other than being a fan of the show and watching it to see an Australian perspective on gaming, I’ve also taken special interest in events coverage, and I’ve a little personal history on that count too.  I was interviewed on the show once upon a time in 2007, after winning the Dead or Alive 4 Championship at World Cyber Games – Watch it here.

So when I saw GG airing a section of their PAX panel where they expressed interest in esports coverage, but not being sure “how” to do it, I sent a message to exec producer Janet Carr, offering to help.  Janet, a good sport, followed it up and I made a pitch. It turns out we had similar ideas.

We discussed a simple way to include esports/competitive gaming through a fairly topline “sports report” section as part of the news segment, based on results, top players, and key moments.  I offered to provide copy and would work with events to provide footage.  This seemed like the best format for the show, given the time constraints of the news segment. The straightforward approach focusing on event results keeps it manageable from a freelance perspective, and seems to bring a benefit to the end result too, by treating Australian events as-is without having to puff anything up.

The timing was perfect, given an event I was familiar with was coming up. For the first report I worked with Australian Cyber League on their 2013 Melbourne event to trial with the new format.  Knowing the team that runs ACL, and that they are great particularly with video content, I got in touch and worked out a plan to obtain footage.  Then, I attended the event, and thanks to the input of players, team managers and the ACL team, I gathered the key info I needed.  For your interest, I’ve posted the longer form draft of my report here

So it’s great to be able to contribute to the show, and the GG team combining the report I handed in and the footage with their signature flair. The material and the event was treated seriously, with an engaging and amusing read from presenter Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell.

You can watch the first esports report for Good Game here

The segment came together really well, and based on the positive reaction, there will definitely be more.

What comes next? Feedback, and Coverage of upcoming events

I’m in regular contact with event organisers and will be targeting future events to compile reports for Good Game.  If you want to bring an event to my attention or just get in contact, you can tweet me on @BerzerkDC or email me berzerkdc [at] gmail [dot] com


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